Therapeutic Approach

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Offers

A secure relationship with regular weekly appointments.

An ability to make sense of patterns of thinking feeling and behaviour.

An opportunity to make choices previously unrecognised.

Consistent contact to explore and work through feelings which can be confusing or overwhelming.

I specialise in psychodynamic psychotherapy - how interpersonal processes and relationships affect human behaviour, taking into account cognitive and systemic factors.

It provides a safe framework with clearly defined boundaries in which distressing and painful issues can be dealt with in the context of the therapeutic relationship.

It enables clients to find suitable solutions and develop self-management methods and systems internally and externally.

Statement Of Client Rights

All information you give me is confidential and will not be released to any person without your written and express approval with the following exceptions. I may discuss some of our consultations with my supervisor. This remains confidential to that person and is done to ensure that I give you the best possible service. If you have been referred to me by your doctor, I may, with your agreement, keep her / him informed of our work together. I will only break confidentiality if I believe you or someone else is at serious risk.

As My Client I Will Ask You To Agree To

Inform me of any medical treatment you are receiving.

Give me honest feedback about what you find helpful or unhelpful in the course of our treatment